• Highlights IoT-EPI community events 2017

    This year has been full of inspiring events and great opportunities for startups and SMEs to connect with the IoT European Platforms Initiative. We have finished 2017 with meetups and events all over Europe to introduce the local IoT communities to our seven research and innovation projects: TagItSmart!, symbIoTe, Inter-IoT, bIoTope, BIG IoT, Agile and […]

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  • Community Building

    Community Management – Experiences from IoT-EPI

    The topic ‘Community Management‘ has gained popularity ever since social media claimed a major stake of our professional lives – both online and offline. Before social media, the activity was mostly the same, only the scope and the channels have changed: remember the “User Groups”, “Forums” and other similar initiatives that have always been at the […]

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  • Henri Bergius

    Interview with visual programming tool Flowhub – Open Call Winner BIG IoT

    How can collaboration between startups, research and innovation units be enabled? The IoT European Platforms Initiative is an umbrella organization to seven leading research and innovation projects, which offer technology and funding for startups and SMEs. Our goal is to build a vibrant and sustainable IoT ecosystem in Europe to maximize the opportunities for platform […]

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  • Open Call Winners BIG IoT

    BIG IoT announces six winning proposals

    We are excited to welcome six new partners in our ecosystem! BIG IoT announced the winning proposals of the their first Open Call. The Call launched on April 26th and received over 50 applications until it’s closing on June 16th 2017. The winners will receive funding up to 60.000 EUR and will start working with […]

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  • felix-russell-saw-106849

    The need for Privacy and its relation to Trust in the Internet of Things

    With the advent of the Internet of Things, comes the generation of colossal amounts of data points. This is especially true at the device layer of the IoT Stack. When such a device, sensor or other data collecting mechanism is linked to a private individual, the issue of privacy of the given data and trust […]

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  • tagitsmart- open-call-iot-epi

    TagItSmart announces Winners of 1st Open Call

    Our project TagItSmart is happy to announce six winning proposals of the first Open Call. TagItSmart received 24 proposals in total. The goal of TagItSmart is to create a “smart tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects”. The next chance to submit proposals will be in September 2017. Find more relevant information […]

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  • biotope-helsinki-opencall

    Meet bIoTope Project: Open Call and Pilot in Electrical Vehicles Charging (Helsinki)

    bIoTope is one of seven research and innovation projects of IoT-EPI. The project lays the foundation for creating open innovation ecosystems by providing a platform that enables companies to easily create new IoT systems and to rapidly harness available information.  Industry of interest are energy efficiency, electric cars, traffic, mobility and more. bIoTopes open call […]

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  • hackathon-geneva-winners

    Highlights of Hackathon at IoT Week Geneva 2017

    IoT Week, taking place every year in Europe, is considered to be one of the leading conference in the IoT space. This year’s summit in Geneva, in addition to the regular speeches and exhibitors, was enriched by a Hackathon inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The four-day long Hackathon gathered teams from the Ukraine, […]

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  • swiss flag iot week geneva

    Best of IoT-EPI at IoT Week Geneva 2017

    The annual IoT Week highlights major development in the area Internet of Things. From the 6th until the 9th of June researchers, developers, SMEs and large industries came together in Geneva. Important topics like emerging technologies, privacy and industry 4.0 were discussed at the 7th IoT Week. As part of the conference the European Platforms […]

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  • IoT Week Geneva 2017

    Impressions IoT Week Geneva 2017

    IoT-EPI joined IoT Week Geneva to discuss the latest developments in the Internet of Things. In addition to that IoT-EPI held a separate meetup at the co-working space Impact Hub, to engage with the local startup community. Here are some impressions of the conference and the meetup.

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  • iot-week-geneva-logo

    IoT-European Platforms Initiative offers special events, mentorship and funding for startups at IoT Week Geneva

    IoT-European Platforms Initiative offers special events, mentorship and funding for startups at IoT Week Geneva Geneva, June 6th 2017 – International IoT experts from the IoT-Europeans Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI), funded with 50 Mio € by the EU, will present their support programmes for startups and SME at IoT Week Geneva 2017 from June 6th to […]

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  • open-call-winners-symbIoTe

    symbIoTe announces winners for first open call: OptionsNet, Terracom Informatics & Fincons

    Let’s thrive through new connections:  symbIoTe has successfully chosen three companies, who will receive funding and access to their ecosystem. The first open call focused on attracting IoT platforms to become symbIoTe-compliant. From launch in November until February 2017, symbIoTe received 34 applications. The top three proposals have eventually obtained funding and will join the […]

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