IoT-EPI is a European Initiative for IoT platform development

The IoT-European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI) was formed to build a vibrant and sustainable IoT-ecosystem in Europe, maximising the opportunities for platform development, interoperability and information sharing.

Seven leading research and innovation projects make their technology accessible to 3rd parties. In addition, strong support & funding structure (open calls, workshops) fosters further collaboration.

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  • Advancing IoT Platforms Interoperability Book

    The IoT European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI) projects are addressing the topic of Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects and aim to deliver an IoT extended into a web of platforms for connected devices and objects that supports smart environments, businesses, services and persons with dynamic and adaptive configuration capabilities. The specific areas […]

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  • Highlights IoT-EPI community events 2017

    This year has been full of inspiring events and great opportunities for startups and SMEs to connect with the IoT European Platforms Initiative. We have finished 2017 with meetups and events all over Europe to introduce the local IoT communities to our seven research and innovation projects: TagItSmart!, symbIoTe, Inter-IoT, bIoTope, BIG IoT, Agile and […]

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  • Community Management – Experiences from IoT-EPI

    The topic ‘Community Management‘ has gained popularity ever since social media claimed a major stake of our professional lives – both online and offline. Before social media, the activity was mostly the same, only the scope and the channels have changed: remember the “User Groups”, “Forums” and other similar initiatives that have always been at the […]

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 68871