SIdO 2017: IoT-EPI project announces new funding Call for Startups and SME in Smart City & Mobility


The Horizon 2020 supported IoT-European Platforms Initiative brings 4 IoT consortia partners to Lyon to showcase Smart City solutions

Lyon,  April  5th,  2017.  At  SIdO, the Horizon 2020 programme IoT-European Platforms Initiative, short IoT-EPI, announced a new open call for European startups and SME in Internet of Things powered by the international consortium BIG IoT. Starting on April 26th, the consortia partners will offer expert advice and financial support of up to 300,000 Euro for IoT platform & service providers, who are willing to provide new data to the project through the BIG IoT API and offer the data on the BIG IoT Marketplace. Until December 2018, all IoT-EPI partners in total will grant more than 5.5 million Euro to SMEs, startups as well as university or research projects on Internet of Things (IoT). Meet IoT-EPI at the exposition of the SIdO on booth number 103-200.

Growing the IoT ecosystem in Europe

IoT-EPI was created in 2016 to build a vibrant and sustainable IoT-ecosystem in Europe, maximising the opportunities for IoT platform development, interoperability, data and information sharing. At the core of the initiative are seven research and innovation projects: Inter-IoT, BIG IoT, AGILE, SymbIoTe, TagItSmart!, Vicinity and bIoTope.

The BIG IoT project is the fourth project in line after InterIoT, SymbIoTe and TagITsmart, that is announcing a funding call. Currently, BIG IoT has a number of IoT resources from different platforms available in their IoT marketplace. Through the open call, they want to outreach to developers, startups and SMEs in order to grow their ecosystem further.

Jelena Mitic, the coordinator of the BIG IoT, states: “We want to attract new partners for the BIG IoT ecosystem in the role of either IoT service or platform providers and enable them to collaborate with existing partners like Siemens, Bosch, Atos, Seat etc.

This upcoming open call will be open on the 26th of April 2017 and will run until 16th of June. It will focus on IoT platform & service providers, who are willing to provide new data and services on the BIG IoT Marketplace by implementing the BIG IoT API. Domains of interest are Smart City and mobility. Altogether the BIG IoT consortium will hand out a total amount of 750,000 Euro.

More than 5.5 Million for start-ups and SME in IoT

With a partner network of 120 organizations (i.e. BMW, Eclipse Foundation Europe, Grand Lyon La Métropole, Libelium, Orange, Unilever, universities and many more), IoT-EPI addresses architectural concepts and concepts for semantic interoperability, which can cover multiple use cases whilst responding to specific requirements in terms of security and dependability. The IoT-EPI projects have a broader reach and address domains like eHealth, Logistics, Retail, Smart Grids, etc. IoT-EPI fosters technology adoption through community and  business-building activities,  while  deriving  exploitation  strategies,  on  how to make successful ecosystems emerge, to involve the user in the development process and to respond to the societal challenges for Europe.

In 10 open calls, more than 100 external IoT-teams will get tech support and funding ranging from 30,000 EUR to 150,000 EUR each. Altogether more than 5.5 million Euro will be handed out.

At a Glance: IoT-EPI at SIdO

At  SIdO,  IoT-EPI  focusses  on  Smart  Cities  by  presenting  reference  implementations including proof-of-concept, large-scale demonstrations and validation driven by innovative use scenarios.

Paola Jesson, co-founder and organizer of the SIdO states: "We're very happy to have this year at SIdO a strong presence of the IoT-EPI village, an initiative funded by the European Commission. This shows once again that our conference gets more and more traction on the international ecosystem”

IoT-EPI Booth

If you are interested in being engaged with IoT-EPI, its projects and the related open calls, come and meet us during the SIdO on the IoT-EPI booth (booth number 103-200)!


April 5th, 15:15-16:00: Presentations “IoT Platforms - Research, Innovation & Business Models”

  • "Technology Platforms for the Internet of Things" by Ovidiu Vermesan, UNIFY-IoT/Sintef Digital
  • "Towards an interoperable IoT ecosystem - How?" by Victor Charpenay, BIG IoT/Siemens AG
  • "INTER-IoT layered approach use cases" by Jara Suárez De Puga Garcia, INTER-IoT/UPV

April 5th, 12:30-13:45: Presentations “IoT Data How to choose a secure and interoperable platform” by Jean Lancrenon, bIoTope

About IoT-EPI

IoT-EPI is a European initiative addressing the new EU-funded H2020 programs about IoT platform development. At the core of IoT-EPI are seven research and innovation projects: Inter-IoT, Big IoT, AGILE, SymbIoTe, TagItSmart!, Vicinity and bIoTope. With a total funding of EUR 50M, and within a time frame of three years (2016-2018), these projects develop innovative platform technologies and foster community and business building based on these technologies.

IoT-EPI contacts at SIdO

IoT-EPI    Press    contact:    Yossi    Dan,   +972-54-7386888   (or+33-760993969 during the event only) and Judith Stiekema, +33771761400

IoT-EPI Coordinator at SIdO: Dr. Ovidiu Vermesan,

BIG IoT: Victor Charpenay,

bIoTope: Emmanuel Gastaud,

symbIoTe: Nuno Ribeiro,

VICINITY: Flemming Sveen,

More  information  about  the  seven  IoT-EPI  projects  with  Open  Calls  you  will  find  here.

Twitter (suggested) tag during SIdO = #EUIOTSIdO

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