Let’s create together – Hackathon at IoT Week Geneva

This year, IoT-EPI will be offering mentorship and API’s for teams to co-create at IoT Week Hackathon in Geneva. The 4 day Hackathon is looking for innovative and original ideas from tech teams on the 6th-9th of June. The aim is to bring people together who can support the UN Sustainable Development goals using IoT technology.

Hackathon Geneva

Do you have a concept how to tackle sustainability in cities and communities? Or is it maybe your goal to improve good health and well-being? Great! These are only a few topics of the 17 goals to transform our world by the United Nations.

There is still time to apply!

If you want to join the Hackathon, please submit your project proposal (no longer than 2 pages), with the following information:

  • Team introduction (up to 4 persons, university, country, anything else you want to share)
  • Problem description and sustainable development goals (SDG)
  • Considered IoT solution (data sources, clients, application, service, sensors, objects, …)
  • Expected impact (business, societal, environmental, …)
  • Required infrastructure (hardware, software, service access, …)

>> Deadline 15th of May: Please send your proposals to  hackathon-iotweek2017@hes-so.ch.

The Hackathon Geneva

The hackathon will take place at IoT week Geneva from 6th-9th of June.

CICG (Centre International de Conférences – Geneva), Switzerland

Prizes and benefits

There a plenty of workshops that participants can attend during the event (ST microelectronics, Eclipse sensiNact and FESTIVAL platforms, Fiware). There will also be access to the needed infrastructure (hardware and software) for implementing your project.

All participants will also receive a free STM32 Nucleo development board from ST.

The winning teams have the chance for several prizes:

– The 5000€ IoT-Week Hackathon Siemens Award

– The 2000 CHF IoT-Week Hackathon ABB Award

– The 1000€ IoT-Week Hackathon Hasler Foundation Award

– The 750€ IoT-Week Hackathon FESTIVAL project Award

>> Get more information on IoT week Geneva official website

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