TagItSmart announces Winners of 1st Open Call

Our project TagItSmart is happy to announce six winning proposals of the first Open Call. TagItSmart received 24 proposals in total. The goal of TagItSmart is to create a “smart tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects”. The next chance to submit proposals will be in September 2017. Find more relevant information about the winning projects here.

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AffectUs (ELKE-HUA) identifies and disseminates product oriented predicted events across affected verticals. It aims at developing extensions for the platform that will be able to harvest the acquired product data and external data sources, and proactively identify and semantically correlate events with products, for automated event distribution at the affected entities/applications.

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Matisse (Therapenis P.C.) will focus on creating market grounds for IoT in healthcare and the environment of error-free medical services, bringing new business models for healthcare providers, and exploitation of eHealth apps and open innovation across hospital value chain along with EHR interoperability.

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TagItWine (University of Donja Gorcia) project uses TagItSmart platform to implement and execute a pilot for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting in the wine industry and to test the solution in collaboration with the company “13. jul Plantaze”. TagItSmart architectural components will be used for tagging wine bottles, boxes, and pallets and making them “smart”, so that the wines can be traced and controlled through the wine supply chain and during the product life cycle.

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The vision of Qualytics (Nissatech) is to enable, through the use of dynamic QR codes, a closed-loop information chain in the home appliances domain, connecting and correlating the data from supplier/delivery, manufacturing/testing, utilization and maintenance to improving customer satisfaction/experience.

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BehavAuth (Quadible Ltd) focuses on replacing old-fashioned password based authentication for IoT devices including smartphones with passive authentication of the user with the device by learning users’ behavioural patterns.

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FreshTag (tsenso GmbH) is an external model to enhance the functionality of the TagItSmart ecosystem by predicting the product shelf-life will be implemented. It is based on the unit-individual tracking possibilities and the thermo sensitivity of the SmartTags, the senso time resolved temperature data and intelligent food modeling.

Read more about TagItSmart and the winning projects in this Newsletter issue!


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