BIG IoT announces six winning proposals

We are excited to welcome six new partners in our ecosystem!

BIG IoT announced the winning proposals of the their first Open Call. The Call launched on April 26th and received over 50 applications until it’s closing on June 16th 2017. The winners will receive funding up to 60.000 EUR and will start working with BIG IoT from September 2017.

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About BIG IoT – BIG IoT aims for interoperability of IoT platforms by developing the BIG IoT API and marketplace. Both are currently being rolled out and tested in 3 European pilot sites and applied in IoT scenarios for Smart Cities: Barcelona, Berlin/Wolfsburg, and the region of Piedmont. BIG IoT is part of the European Platforms Initiative.


DFRC (Switzerland)

DFRC delivers powerful end-to-end solutions based on meaningful information about location, movement and flow of people and objects through our monitoring tools, software platform and applications in the field of location based technology, Smart Cities and Maritime Surveillance.

Thingful (UK)

A Search Engine for the Internet of Things and interoperability for connected objects around the world.

“We will be working with BIG IoT to enable an interoperable link between Thingful’s public data search and access service with the market participants active in BIG IoT across the three European cities and project partners like Siemens and Bosch with a focus on transportation.”

52 North GmbH (Germany)

The 52°North R&D communities develop new concepts and technologies e.g. for managing near real-time sensor data, integrating geoprocessing technologies into SDIs, making use of GRID- and Cloud technologies.

Flowhub (Germany) 

Flowhub is a tool for building full-stack applications in a visual way. With the ecosystem of flow-based programming environments, you can use Flowhub to create anything from distributed data processing applications to internet-connected artworks.

Nissatech (Serbia)

Provider for innovative solutions for challenging, real-time big data problems in various application scenarios. Nissatech develops adaptive real-time cyber-physical systems, based on our patent-pending technology for dynamic monitoring of huge real-time streams.

Simularia (Italy)

Provider for solutions about every issue related to air quality: the impact of new emission sources like roads, construction sites, industrial plants, etc.

Find more information about the winning proposals on BIG IoTs website.

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