Interview with visual programming tool Flowhub – Open Call Winner BIG IoT

How can collaboration between startups, research and innovation units be enabled? The IoT European Platforms Initiative is an umbrella organization to seven leading research and innovation projects, which offer technology and funding for startups and SMEs. Our goal is to build a vibrant and sustainable IoT ecosystem in Europe to maximize the opportunities for platform development, interoperability and information sharing.

We invited founder Henry Bergius to talk to him about his startup Flowhub, which recently won funding with the research and innovation project BIG IoT.

About Flowhub  

Flowhub creates data-driven, visual tools for building software systems. With Flowhub you can manage the connections and business logic between your IoT devices.

The project started as NoFlow in 2011 and ran a fairly successful kickstarter campaign in 2013. In 2016 Flowhub was founded in Berlin. Bergius explains how Flowhub can be beneficial to the IoT ecosystem: “As an example was Flowhub does: You connect all your devices into our system and then you are able see them all in a canvas and it visualizes what kind of data is transmitted. You can see your whole IoT environment in one picture. With Flowhub you can manage the connections between all of your IoT devices, and add logic via new components.”

The corporation between BIG IoT and the six open call winners (DFRC, Thingful, 52 North GmbH, Flowhub, Nissatech, Simularia) will kickoff in September 2017.

“We’d like to work with open source communities and secondly with standardization efforts – because for the Internet of Things to really break through, what we need in interoperability.  I think that research projects like BIG IoT can definitely help there.” comments Flowhub founder Henri Bergius.

About BIG IoT 

BIG IoT is not developing yet another IoT platform as so many other projects already do. Instead they establish interoperability by defining a unified Web API for IoT platforms: the BIG IoT API. The BIG IoT marketplace enables the advertisement, discovery, monetization and use of services and applications within the ecosystem participants.

>> Learn more about BIG IoT and their open call results.









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