symbIoTe Open Call 1


  • First open call launches: November 30th, 2016
  • Deadline: February 28th, 2017
  • Total amount of funding for the call: 120,000€
  • Funding per project: Up to 40,000€
  • Industries of interest: IoT Platform owners / providers with preference to cloud based platforms.
  • More information can be found here
  • Application Form



This first Open Call will aim to attract owners of Cloud-based IoT platforms that are interested in becoming part of the symbIoTe ecosystem. This involves opening up interfaces (APIs) for advertising and offering IoT resources. Furthermore, the platform must integrate a symbIoTe middleware that will run in the Cloud, interacting with the Cloud-based part of the IoT Platform.

This interaction will enable semantic interoperability and open access to virtualized IoT resources (chosen by the platform and made discoverable via the symbIoTe Core Services). The access to those devices will stay under the control of the platform provider while being enabled through the respective interface. In addition to open access, symbIoTe also supports authenticated and authorized access to IoT resources.

Services & Support

The symbIoTe project will offer a number of services to support the applicants:

  • An Alert Service: Interested parties will be notified when relevant new material is uploaded to the symbIoTe web site.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section
  • A Helpdesk Service: Applicants can ask questions directly to the symbIoTe consortium here.
  • Pre-proposal Feasibility Check Service: Applicants can provide a 2-page description of their proposal and request feedback from symbIoTe experts.


  • Eligible applicants for the first symbIoTe Open Call are any legal entities (SME's, startups, companies, research centers or universities) that own and/or operate an IoT Platform.
  • Only single parties may apply for the Open Call (no consortia are allowed).
  • Applicants can only be selected for funding for one proposal on the same Open Call.
  • The proposal must be submitted in English.

Watch the latest webinar explaining the 1st Open Call of symbIoTe

A second call will take place around November 2017-February 2018.