bIoTope Open Call 2

*Exact date and full content of the open call will be communicated in due time.


  • Open Call launches: 1 December 2017
  • Total amount of funding: 330,000€
  • Industries of interest are: Energy Efficiency, Electric Cars, Traffic and Mobility, Safety, Infrastructure, Management, Smart Buildings

Relevant use cases with real market potential; experienced and representative project team; ambitious project with expectations for disruptive, new to market, new to the world solutions.

Overall goal

bIoTope Pilots illustrate the interaction between products from telecom, hardware, software and service industries in operational Internet Ecosystems. Given that, all industries are not included as bIoTope partners, the Open Calls will contribute to the completion of the consortium in particular Pilots in order to establish a technologically and economically viable SoS Ecosystems for IoT.


These will include providing competences and technologies needed for the successful completion of the projects, whilst engaging local developer communities and expanding the scope and scale of bIoTope pilots. The latter will support the project in its objective to create transformative capabilities for partners for the future, and enhance the sustainability of the collaboration and open ecosystems and services created during and after the project. It also enables bIoTope to remain flexible and take into consideration new challenges, needs and technological advancements in the beginning of the project.

More information can be found on bIoTope HERE.