Inter-IoT Open Call


  • Open call launches on: 14 October 2016
  • Deadline: 20 January 2017
  • Total amount of funding: 850,000€
  • Funding per project ranges from 60,000€ for small projects up till 125,000€ for bigger projects
  • Industries of interest are: Logistics, m-health and IoT General e.g. Smart City Services.


Detailed information about the call and the application process can be found HERE.


The InterIoT project aims to provide the design and implementation of an open IoT framework along with associated methodologies and tools. The overarching goal is to enable voluntary interoperability among IoT platforms and across multiple layers such as: device, network, middleware, application and semantic layer.

The main objective of the open call is testing the INTER-IoT proposed components and methodology by proposing new scenarios, platforms and components to achieve interoperability between IoT platforms. The proposals will help to validate INTER-IoT proposal and components in scenarios deployed in different application domains. Allowing the evolution of the INTER-IoT products (i.e. INTER-LAYER, INTER-FW and INTER-METH) as a whole to match the needs of proposers, but at the same time evolve their products in order to add new interoperability features.

Services & Support

Each third party will have a dedicated contact person and the support of the partners in order to succeed in their integration.

More Information about the Inter-IoT Project and their open calls can be found HERE