IoT Solutions World Congress Side Event // BIG-IoT

BIG IoT at: “IoT: New business paradigm for SMEs?”

26th of October 2016 

The IoT SWC side event organized by inLab FIB will focus on new business paradigms based on IoT implementation in industry, services and daily life of citizens. Special attention will be paid on challenges that IoT will imply for SMEs and the necessary change of paradigm in their business models.

This session will be divided in 3 sections, covering relevant insights in IoT, Big Data Analytics and related Cyber Security both from EU and local perspective.

The first one will deal with the opportunities for SMEs offered by the H2020 BIG IoT project and the Barcelona Pilot. The second section will focus on added value IoT represents to the whole cycle of industrial business models. Finally, the last section will be devoted to Cyber Security, in terms of awareness, vulnerabilities and solutions.

In order to attend this event, it is required to register at the IoT Solutions World Congress. If you are not yet registered, we will provide you your Free Exhibition Pass or 50% discount Congress Full Pass together with your “IoT: New business paradigm for SMEs?” ticket.

More information can be found here