About IoT-EPI

IoT-EPI is a European Initiative addressing the new EU-funded H2020 programs about IoT platform development. At the core of IoT-EPI are the seven research and innovation projects: Inter-IoT, BIG IoTAGILE, symbIoTe, TagItSmart!, VICINITY and bIoTope.

With a total funding of 50 M€ and a  partner network of 120 established companies and organisations these projects develop innovative platform technologies and foster technology adoption thorough community and business building.

In 10 open calls more than 100 IoT-projects will get tech support and funding in the amount of 30.000 € to 150.000 € each. The calls are open for SMEs, startups, companies, research centres or universities in Europe and its associated countries.

You can also meet us in person! Check our Event Calendar with events where we or our partners will be present.

The European Platforms Initiative is coordinated by two consortia: Unify and Be-IoT. Read more about the goals of the consortia and their related partners here.