Agenda - Common reviews format

This is a proposal for a agenda of a project review.

1.     Short introduction on the project (15min)

2.     Challenges
        a. Technical (e.g. IoT Platforms and interoperability solution adoption mechanisms, market entry barriers, …)
        b. Non-technical (e.g. links to other initiatives)

3.     Achievements
        a. Technical (e.g. architecture/platforms/semantic models, …
        b. Non-technical (e.g. use cases/ pilots, synergies with other RIAs, standardisation approach, …)

4.     Offering (e.g. added values, unique solution beyond state of the art, …)

5.     Ecosystem Building (e.g. community and business building activities, open calls, …)

>> Please focus on the objectives rather than sticking to the Work Packages!