Communication Workshop with Elena Poughia

Elena Poughia is the Managing Director of Dataconomy Media GmbH. She holds a BA (Hons) in Business from Durham University (UK) and an MLitt with distinction in Modern and Contemporary Art from Glasgow University (UK). Started her career working in arts at established galleries such as Gagosian Gallery and pioneering institutions such as the Venice Biennale and Athens Biennale (Documenta 2017 partner). An enthusiastic, hardworking individual with excellent people skills and entrepreneurial drive has co-founded an Art Events Company (2012)and an Independent Art Publication (2014) before moving to work for Dataconomy, the #1 Media Platform for the data-driven generation.


9.30-12.30 >> short break included

1. The Agony of Choice - Which Communication Tool can be used for what? 

  • A quick intro to available communication tools
  • A quick intro to marketing strategies and how to interlink available communication tools from content marketing, offline marketing, affiliate marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • The "Thought Leadership/Influencer" phenomenon and how to acquire and activate networks and business partners through communications and relationship building strategies (incl. examples)

2. Deciding on a path - How to set up the right Marketing strategy?

  • Asking the right questions: How do we start with communications? Who is our audience?  What is the message? Why do we need to communicate our product How do we scale? How do we become industry leaders and influential people in our respective industry? How to attract and onboard desired partners that will give us credibility and validate our product and technology...
  • Examples will be provided

3. Time for Action - Hands-on exercise

  • Form into groups and work on a marketing / communications problem related to how to communicate a product/ technology in the IoT space