TF Education

13.30-16.30 >>>> break at 15.00


1) Brief Presentation of the Task Force Activities (15 minutes)

2) Presentation of actions to address reviewers’ comments in Vienna (30 minutes)

3) Presentation of the Open Educational Platform (OEP) (30 minutes)
· Short demo and discussion with task force members
· Inputs introduced in the OEP and next steps

4) Presentation from each of the OEP sections’ coordinators of their current needs in terms of the OEP operational framework (15 minutes)
Spread of the OEP in the community (30 minutes)
· Discussion about the current needs of dissemination and communication
· Discussion about the OEP KPIs to assess its relevance and effectiveness

5) Brief overview on the, the expected contribution from RIAs and links with the OEP (10 minutes)

6) Summary, next steps and closing remarks (20 minutes)