Mobility Challenge

Each day new mobility services are developed and rolled out in urban and suburban areas. It is a big challenge for users to make informed decisions and choices.

One way to choose the best solution is by exploring individual users’ preferences and contrasting them against available offers (e.g. “I don’t mind riding a bike if I can avoid pollution/noise/crowd” or “The fewer changes I take, the better, even if the total journey takes longer” …). Such information is usually distributed over several systems (devices, accounts, platforms), and therefore cannot be transparently nor securely managed by the user.

In order to create personalized mobility services, IoT system providers should take into account that the data must be understandable by different systems, exchanged between different platforms and offer a reliable level of trust. On top of it, the entire process, including a number of stakeholders, has to be justified financially.

New federation concepts enable application development to utilize a broad range of IoT platform through standardized interfaces. Thus, the development of powerful applications that are not restricted to specific platforms, but support dynamic combination of resources from different platform is enabled.

In this challenge, participants will ideate usage scenarios for emerging IoT mobility technologies and propose value chains including key players necessary to provide a sustainable service. Furthermore, participants will design new mobility application concepts that combine data from existing IoT platforms in new ways, analyze their potential impact to users and society, and develop value chains to provide sustainable services.

Challenge Partners are IoT-EPI projects bIoTope and symbIoTe

Mentors are Tobias Kraus (BMW), Ivana Podnar Zarko (University of Zagreb) and Dr. Mario Drobics (Austrian Institute of Technology)

Applying teams should be preferably interdisciplinary and combine both tech and business.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info{at}


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