Open Calls

The goal of IoT-EPI is to foster the development of IoT-platform technologies and the collaboration with the developers and entrepreneurs community. In 10 open calls more than 100 projects will be provided with tech support and funding in the amount of 30,000 EUR to 150,000 EUR each. Till December 2018, the IoT-European Platforms Initiative will invest more than 5,5 million Euro.


List of Open Calls


 Inter-IoT Open Call

start: 1st Oct. 2016

symbIoTe Open Call 1

start: 30 Nov. 2016

TagITSmart! Open Call 1

start: 1st Feb. 2017

BIG IoT Open Call

start: 1st Apr. 2017

bIoTope Open Call

start: 1st Jun. 2017

Agile Open Call 1

start: 1st Sept. 2017

TagITSmart! Open Call 2

start: 1st Sept. 2017

symbIoTe Open Call 2

start: 30 Nov. 2017

Vicinity Open Call 1

start: 1st Jan. 2018

Agile Open Call 2

start: 1st Feb. 2018