Email sent to all TF members on 28th March, 2017

Below is the email sent to all TF members with details about the hands-on business building webinars. A full day face-to-face could not be held in March 2017 in Berlin due to an untimely airport strike in Berlin. We therefore proposed an alternative series of webinars covering the topics.

Dear TF members:

Hope you’re doing well. As you all are aware, the business building workshop program that was scheduled for 14th of March could not go on as planned. Not all of the workshop participants could attend due to the untimely airport strike in Berlin.

Nevertheless, we managed to put together a shorter version of the workshop with the attendees that could attend. The workshop lasted for the first half of the day on 14.03 in which we addressed the key question: “How to leverage the strengths of the partner network to build successful and sustainable businesses?”
The workshop followed an interactive & structured discussion process that was moderated by an innovation expert.

Outcomes: The following was recognized as major strengths within the Project Partner Networks:

  • Broad range of professional expertise enables project members to think out-of-the-box
  • Being able to identify common needs across domains and regions
  • Access to real-life end-users, app providers, & customers.
  • Time + Resources to experiment with new ideas
  • Diversity of Perspectives (cultural, geographical, etc.) that breeds fresh thinking.

At the end: It was discussed how the projects could focus on keeping these vital strengths as they progress in their business building endeavors.

We were only able to cover ONE part of the initial THREE parts that were planned for the day due to the above constraints. Recapping the three parts that were initially planned:

  • Morning Session: Value Proposition Design Module
  • Afternoon Session 1: Interactive Discussion on “How to leverage the strengths of the partner network to build successful and sustainable businesses?”
  • Afternoon Session 2: Interactive Discussion on “How we can create and sustain win/win situations when sharing data and insights? “

For the parts of the workshop that we could not cover as planned, we would be proposing the following alternatives to the initial group of participants:

First Session: Alternative for Morning Session 1: Mid-April

  • A webinar to walk the participants through the process and provide guidelines on the tools / methodologies for the Value Proposition Design module.
  • The projects would then be working with the approach internally and provide feedback / findings after 4 weeks.
  • We would be available anytime during the 4-week process for potential Q&A.

Second Session: Findings from Previous session + Alternative for Afternoon Session 2:  Mid-May

  • The second remote conference will aim to collect feedback / results from the Value Proposition Design module.
  • In this webinar, we will also introduce the working topic on Data Sharing Business Models (alternative for afternoon session 2)
    • Here we would present the tools / methodologies the participants would be working with and answer any questions.
  • Again, the participants would have 4 weeks to work with the tools and methods and come up with potential solutions.

Third Session: Findings on the Data Sharing Module: Mid-June

  • Webinar / Remote Conference: Participants would be presenting their findings & feedback on the preceding 4 weeks.
  • Q&A and next steps to be discussed.

We will be sending out a doodle request to the participants shortly to come up with possible dates / times for the first two sessions. All the alternative sessions will be moderated by same innovation expert as initially planned: Klaus Kammermeier.

Apologies for the extra long email – but do keep me posted if you have any questions 🙂

As always we will keep you all in the loop with updates and outcomes of the follow-up sessions. Thanks very much!
Best regards,