INTER-IoT project aims at the design, implementation and experimentation of an open cross-layer framework, an associated methodology and tools to enable voluntary interoperability among heterogeneous Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. The proposal will allow effective and efficient development of adaptive, smart IoT applications and services, atop different heterogeneous IoT platforms, spanning single and/or multiple application domains. The project will be tested in two application domains: port transportation and logistics and mobile health; additionally, it will be validated in a cross-domain use case.

Open interoperability delivers on the promise of enabling vendors and developers to interact and interoperate, without interfering with anyone’s ability to compete by delivering a superior product and experience. In the absence of global IoT standards, the INTER-IoT project will support and make it easy for any company to design IoT devices, smart objects, or services and get them to market quickly, and create new IoT interoperable ecosystems.

Partners: Telecom Italia SPA (Italy), Rinicom Ltd (UK), Prodevelop SL (Spain), Noatum Ports Valenciana Sau (Spain), Neways Technologies BV (Netherlands), Alessandro Bassi Consulting SARL (France), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), University of Calabria (Italy), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), XLAB (Slovenia), Systems Research Systems, Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), La Fundación de la Comunidad Valenciana para la Investigación, Promoción y Estudios Comerciales de Valenciaport (Spain), Association pour le développement de la formation professionnelle dans le transport (France)