TagItSmart is changing the way products can be tracked and monitored. Their goal is to connect mass-market products.

At the heart of their technology is the Smart Tag which is a context sensitive, printable QR code called FunCodes. Once attached to a product such as a milk carton, beer crate, temperature sensitive medical supplies etc, the tags are able to convey vital information along the life-cycle of the product. The context sensitive tags along with widely available smart-phones enable the capturing, recording and transmission of these codes and the information they contain. Context information monitored includes but not limited to temperature and oxygen exposure.

In addition to the smart tags, they also offer a service platform and  API’s to enable the development of a range of new services.

Functional ink + Optical Tags + Smart Phones + Cloud = IoT for mass-market products.

Partners: Unilever (UK and Netherlands), Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe (UK), Siemens Srl. (Romania), Resonance Design (Netherlands), DunavNET (Serbia), Univerexport (Serbia), Lmental Sostenibilitat i Futur, S. Coop. (Spain), Thin film Electronic AB (Sweden), Durst Phototechnik Dig. Technology GmbH (Austria), Evrything Ltd. (UK), University of Surrey (UK), University of Padova (Italy), VTT, UPC Consulting Ltd. (Finland), Pôle des Industries du Commerce (France)