Social Application for Sharing

The IoT space is young but already we can see several stages of development. Whereas a few years ago only it was platforms competing on functionalities, availability, scale and scope, the competition has moved up into the Cloud on the one hand and actual capabilities on output and actuators through real time analytics. Delivering results on the machines, on the actual processes, that is the competition now. Platforms thus welcome as many data streams, applications and services and realize it does not foster uptake in to, tie specific services to a single platform. Current thinking goes much more into the direction of building specific enablers that harness value more if they are spread out through many platforms. That is why in our challenge we can offer over 10 different platforms for you to come up with cross-platform, cross-domain applications.

Grab the ingredients we offer to come up with new, innovative ideas for social applications for sharing goods and resources based on the enablers from our 3 projects:


  • Indoor tracking of products and people
  • Data processing on the gateway (data visualisations and analytics, control logic, communication with external services, etc.)
  • Control devices ( flashing lights, send notifications)


  • Smart tags
  • Scanning the tags and sending the data to the backend
  • Everything IoT platform special environment


  • BIG IoT Marketplace where IoT platform providers can register offerings (collected data and services) and consumers can discover relevant offerings at run-time by using semantic descriptions
  • Offerings, e.g. data on available free parking spots, multimodal navigation, traffic monitoring data, environmental monitoring data, etc, coming from 8 different IoT platforms
  • Recipes, specifications of requirements of an added value service, hence a template that can be fulfilled by multiple offerings based on semantic models

The outcome is a use case that realistically builds on the presented ingredients in the form of storyboards, mood maps, innovative visualizations of data flow and Customer Support Journeys

Example of a social application:

Sharing goods, resources and skills is becoming more easy and normal through the ability to track, trace and give feedback. Can we extend this practice to the everyday activity of shopping?  Tons of good food are wasted every year in stores like supermarkets simply because they are not bought on time: expiry date approaches and they are being disposed, while at the same time so many people are in need. The challenge could be to collect requirements from all stakeholders and design a system where customers can scan a good and buy it for someone who needs it. The goods remain at the shop. Receivers can check what is available and reserve it. Ideal for foods, for example, that could be purchased just before the expiration date. 

How could this app scale? What could be the benefit for shops? How can you can combine it with other marketing models? How can you combine data from the mobility domain with indoor location based information?

Several experts from different domains involved in the current H2020 IoT research projects will attend the challenge and be available for support and discussions.

Mentors are Charalampos Doukas (technology researcher, maker and open source hardware advocate), Rob van Kranenburg (Founder of Council and Chair of AC04 - IoT Hyper-connected Society of the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Thing), Jelena Mitic (Researcher and R&D Project Manager at Siemens AG), iker Larizgoitia Abad (Development Engineer at EVRYTHNG)
Applying teams should be preferably interdisciplinary and combine both tech, design and business. 
Project websites: BIG IoT, TagItSMart!, AGILE
If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info{at}

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