Trust Challenge

The pervasiveness of IoT devices collecting data in many daily-life domains (Smart City / Smart Port Logistics) is growing greater every day. With data being silently collected by smart infrastructures, wearable devices and apps, there are still many concerns regarding security, privacy and protection of shared personal as well as non-personal data. To reduce these consumer insecurities, it is not only task of the developers to provide secure technical solutions, but also to make the data collection transparent and the data sharing controlled by the consumers.
In this challenge we aim to understand how IoT solution providers might regain consumers’ trust by considering two different perspectives:
A) End-user: The focus here is on making the data sharing process understandable, transparent and controlled by the consumer. This includes transparency on what data IoT devices collect, for what purpose, on who is in control of the data and on showing consumers that the IoT devices work as intended.

Participants would look at Smart City and Smart Port Logistics scenarios and identify potential customer journeys and pain points considering different demographic groups, devices and places involved.

B) Data-collection service: This part focuses on the technical solutions of data security. In particular, how IoT devices can become more robust against security vulnerabilities, as well as how the data-flow between different platforms and services can be controlled by the data-owner and made transparent. Relevant aspects to be addressed are: access control, consent management, trust mechanisms & privacy of the shared data.
Several experts from different domains involved in H2020 IoT research projects will attend the challenge and be available for support and discussions.
Applying teams can focus either on part A or B. Accordingly, teams should have experience with either UX design or a technical background. Applicants with a legal or business background are welcome as well. 
Mentors are Richa Sharma (Manager at Fraunhofer Institute (IAIS), Michele Nati (Lead Technologist at Digital Catapult), Adam Olszewski (Innovation Manager at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)
Challenge Partners are IoT-EPI projects symbIoTe and INTER IoT

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info{at}


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